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Advantages of life insurance that pay in life

Advantages of life insurance that pay in life

Advantages of life insurance that pay in life.

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The advantages of life insurance that pay in life can be many. It is a very important question since there are many customers who choose them. There are many benefits provided by these insurances since they do not immobilize your money. This concern is legitimate since the priority of life insurance is to protect your loved ones.

Now, in case of an emergency and need the money, what options would you have? Precisely for that matter are these lines. We will show you the various options you have, focused, above all, on the needs you have. There are several modalities by which you can choose and each one has its characteristics.

Do you want to purchase insurance that you know will meet your expectations? Do you have time, a resource you rarely have? If so, take your car and stop by our offices. Enter Marival Insurance and our specialists will take care of you as you deserve. Our specialized service is everything you are looking for. Not only did you contract the insurance you brought to our offices, but you did it with the company that impressed you the most. You even took our number, 786-607-3194, in case of further questions.

Advantages of life insurance that pay in life. Life insurance with living benefits.

You contracted life insurance for your loved ones to inherit a good sum once you transcend. A smart and generous decision on your part. However, it has a drawback, what if you need the money in life? No one is exempt from an eventuality like a chronic illness that gets worse, for example. You thought of getting health insurance, but these are very exclusive to this type of disease.

Diabetes and hypertension are very common diseases that many insurance companies avoid. I have good news. Life insurance with living benefits is designed precisely for your needs. Know if you suffer from a chronic, critical, or terminal illness this insurance covers you. It also protects you in case of a vital disability like eating. So, can you collect your insurance while still alive? The answer is positive.

Companies like AIG pay you to back up to 94 percent of your living money for your benefit. Isn’t it ideal? It is a little expensive but worth the effort. After all, your money will go back to your pockets if you need it and this is a guarantee. This is clearly not your only option. If you are one of those who want to have a choice, we will present you with another insurance that will meet your expectations.

Advantages of life insurance that pay in life.

Term life insurance with a premium refund. Although this is not a classic option that pays in life, it offers very interesting possibilities.

But first, what is term life insurance? It is one that is established for a certain time. When you contract this modality, you do it for an x ​​amount of years. It protects you during that time until said contract expires. It is ideal for those who have a dangerous job, or simply do not want a life commitment. So, what extra possibility does premium return life insurance offer? This variant comes with added value. Once the contract ends, the full money is returned. See it as a kind of bank that safeguards your money for as long as it’s active. At the same time, it is covered by said insurance.

As you can see, it is not a way to pay in life, but it is ingenious. Especially since it tests your foresight ability. Think about the fact that after a few decades all that amount you paid will return to your pockets. A small fortune, isn’t it?

Life insurance with savings.

Life insurance with savings is perhaps the most comprehensive option. So, what does this insurance consist of? Imagine you have an empty bag and in this, you pour the contents of two other different ones. The positive thing about this bag is that the contents do not mix, even so, they coexist in the same space. It is just that. In the same account, you have life insurance and a savings account with the benefits they provide.

So how do you have access to your money? It is very simple. As it is a two in one, the part destined for life insurance remains intact. This will be charged by your beneficiaries when you go to eternal rest. The part that belongs to the savings account is the one that you will have access to. It works exactly like any savings account. Once you leave, you will have full access to your money to enjoy it the way you want. Imagine the trip you always wanted or buying a valuable item for you. These whims that you deserve will be possible thanks to the fact that you have contracted this type of life insurance.


In general, we have presented the operation of some life insurance that pays in life. Of course, it is not all the information you need, far from it. In so few lines it is extremely difficult to give him everything you need.

That is why we invite you to our offices. Marival Insurance has the specialized staff you need. You just have to get to our offices or dial the number 786-607-3194. A friendly voice will always attend you free of charge. We will be happy to show you the advantages of life insurance that pays in life.

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