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Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

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Private health insurance has long provided ideal medical coverage to its patients. Many experts and clients in general thought that private health insurance would disappear with the arrival of Obamacare. However, since the creation of Obama’s health insurance in 2010, both variants have coexisted in this country.

At your friendly agency, Marival Insurance, we bring you closer to the benefits of private health insurance. Said modality of ensuring their medical services is deeply rooted and accepted by patients.

If you want to be part of your plans, call us right now at 786-607-3194. In this way, you will have a direct communication channel with the specialists based here. In this agency, your requests are processed much faster than in others. It is that we dedicate ourselves day by day to attend to your case in a particular way. You should know that we do not charge anything to attend you, our advice is completely free.

Is it mandatory to have private health insurance? 

It is not essential to have private health insurance. However, it is mandatory to have a medical plan in the United States. Of course, it can be by private means or through Obamacare government insurance. 

If you as a patient decide to look the other way and ignore this federally established law, then you will be fined. The economic penalty amounts to $ 695 and must be paid each year at the time of making your income statement. 

This regulation is mainly intended to prevent many families and hospitals from going bankrupt. It is a logical element. Patients believe they are very smart and go through life without private health insurance. Then they go to any ER and pay for their health care in cash. Now, the most remarkable thing is that in most cases your cash is not enough. 

From that moment a difficult stage will begin. After leaving the hospital very well cared for, you will surely have a rest period indicated by your doctor. A few days later you will receive the bills from the hospital that treated you at home. When you see the figure to pay you will regret not having contracted private health insurance before. If you analyze carefully you will realize the multiple advantages of being insured. The difference between being a cash-paying patient and having the benefits of excellent coverage is undeniable.

How much does private health insurance cost?

Private health insurances inhabit the market at high prices. Remember, affordability comes from government plans that we will explain later.

Going back to the prices of private health insurance, you should know that the rates start at $ 300. With these monthly fees, you will guarantee countless benefits related to the best medical services.

There are many more expensive plans. For example, the most comprehensive ones exceed $ 1,000 for each month of protection. Find the solution to your medical coverage problems with Marival Insurance. Contact us by phone at 786-607-3194 and be part of our private health insurance.

Affordability differences between private health insurance and Obamacare

If we talk about affordability, it is important to divide these two health insurance options. On the one hand, we have private health insurance. You already know the prices of them.

On the other side of the coin is Obama’s health insurance. Obamacare is part of the federal government grant to low-income patients. Precisely, its name indicates, this subsidy allows the monthly payment to be almost symbolic. To give you an idea, those who qualify for Obamacare will only pay between $ 30 and $ 60. But there are more advantages.

If you are a very low-income patient, you may qualify for free Obamacare health insurance. By the way, anyone seeking to apply to Obamacare must meet two requirements. The first, to declare at the end of the year a minimum figure of $ 12,000. The second is to have legal status in the United States.

Each plan has its characteristic charm and benefits. Here we are to guide you through the shortest path in your application process. We offer you a private medical plan and Obamacare medical plan. Either way is a good option for you. It all depends on your purchasing power and the coverage expectations you have.

Marival Insurance is the protagonist of its application to private health insurance

Our agents are fully trained to attend each case in a particular way. We are a work team committed to your medical services. We are happy to take your application to the end of the application process. The most important thing for us is that you leave our offices with pleasure.

Since the emergence of Marival Insurance we have advised millions of patients. Most of them have witnessed careful and friendly attention from our agents. The greatest satisfaction is that in all cases we have managed to enroll them in the plans that offer the most benefits. In particular, this health insurance is in great demand by the patients who visit us.

If you call us at 786-607-3194, we assure you that your application process will be fast and effective. See for yourself how our agents work. Do not hesitate, we are your best option to purchase private health insurance.

Private Health Insurance
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Private Health Insurance
Private health insurance has long provided ideal medical coverage to its patients. Many experts and clients in general thought that private health insurance would disappear with the arrival of Obamacare.
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