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Supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance.

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Thanks to supplementary insurance, millions of people will be able to resolve their health situation. There is still much uncertainty and suspicion about the possible acceptance of supplemental insurance. However, everything is provided guaranteed for the start of their patient protection plans.

At Marival Insurance we have everything ready to provide you with the comprehensive advice you deserve. Through our management, you will ensure the health services you so badly need. Don’t forget that your family will also benefit from your decision. Taking out supplementary insurance is a symbol of responsibility and a successful future vision.

Do not let this day pass, call us right now at our contact telephone number. By 786-607-3194 you can establish a pleasant communication with one of our agents. Thus, they will arrange a work meeting to start their enrollment process for supplemental insurance.

How do supplemental insurance work?

These supplementary insurances, also known as temporary insurances, arrive to offer a new proposal. With them, you can guarantee health protection for one year. Of course, on your part, you will have very comprehensive health coverage that includes all basic services.

Don’t worry about such a short period of protection. If you do well with these supplemental insurances, you can extend your contract for an additional 36 months. It is an option that many already contemplate. It stands to reason if these plans ensure a wide variety of services at low prices, patients immediately recognize their quality.

Visit us and answer your questions regarding supplemental insurance. Here you will find a team ready to satisfy your information needs. With our management, everything will be much easier. We are characterized by a pleasant treatment and differentiated attention with each patient. With supplemental insurance, your quality of life will increase dramatically.

Do you know the cost of supplemental insurance?

We have already anticipated that the cost of supplemental insurance is low. For example, their quotas are half those of private health insurance.

Let’s get accounts. The minimum figure for private medical plans is close to $ 300. So, with supplemental insurance, you’ll only pay about $ 150 a month. Of course, this figure may be less, it depends on your annual income.

Don’t worry about the price factor, we adjust a figure that is in line with your annual income. The important thing is that you realize the need for supplemental insurance. It is vital for the whole family that you have health insurance. Family health is the first and most important thing we must protect at home.

When can I apply for supplemental insurance?

Supplemental insurance is available to you throughout the year. There are no regulations regarding the registration time. Any time of year is a good time to purchase supplemental insurance services.

Review your documents and visit the Marival Insurance offices. Bring your identity document, of course, as well as proof of your latest income statements.

This is another of the main advantages of supplemental insurance. You are free to apply when you deem it convenient.

Where can I apply for supplemental insurance?

This is an easy answer question. If you have really understood how important it is to have supplemental insurance, the right place to apply is Marival Insurance.

Here we have a team of specialists dedicated daily to attend to each case in a particular way. We are your best and closest option to protect yourself. Call us by phone at 786-607-3194 and be part of our team.

Here at Marival Insurance, you will have the option to apply not only to supplemental insurance. We have the Obama health insurance variant, a health plan with countless advantages.

Dark point of supplementary insurance

The darkest point of supplemental insurance is the limitation for some patients. For example, the initial Trumpcare law excludes people with pre-existing conditions. In this case, there are diabetics, hypertensive patients, and even pregnant women.

In any case, this limitation has been under study for several weeks. Republicans have thought better of their previous decision and are seeking to reverse that arbitrary rule.

That way they would attract millions of more patients. Remember, the goal of supplemental insurance is to establish yourself quickly in the US health insurance market. With this, of course, they would overshadow the super-inclusive Obamacare. If they definitely change their opening law, Republicans and their supplemental insurance bill have great options for success.

Is it compulsory to purchase supplementary insurance?

It is not legally required that you purchase supplemental health insurance. After Trumpcare’s “landing” patients will have more freedom of choice. Even if they want to take a risk, they can go back to having no medical plan.

Sure, this is a real maze with no way out because your life will not be easy without supplemental health insurance. Imagine that you don’t have health insurance and have to pay for your medical care in cash. Who guarantees that your money will always be enough to pay for treatments, operations, etc.? No one, right?

So, don’t complicate yourself in vain and visit our offices. We can offer you coverage tailored to your health and financial needs. Contact us by phone at 786-607-3194. Soon you will have the advice of our specialized agents.

Do not pass up this opportunity. Ensure your health services and those of your family. It is a pleasure for us to assist you in the application process for supplemental health insurance.

Supplementary insurance
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Supplementary insurance
Thanks to supplementary insurance, millions of people will be able to resolve their health situation. There is still much uncertainty and suspicion about the possible acceptance of supplemental insurance.
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Marival Insurance
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