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Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus

Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus

Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus.

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Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus. It is extremely vital to your safety and that of your family. A pandemic has paralyzed this world. It was exactly 100 years since the planet went through an equal event. The Spanish flu killed millions of people, reducing the world population, causing a lot of pain in families. They are exceptional situations.

The big difference from the previous pandemic is the level of information that we have today. The internet age has helped us to understand the phenomenon in all its magnitude. It has also allowed us to know what the most efficient measures are to avoid contagion and protect ourselves better. Due to its importance in the current context, this article is precise to give you some tips. Tips that will be useful to save your integrity.

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Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus. Why is quarantine necessary?

It is not a secret that, even in the current situation, there are many who advocate quarantine. They do not see it as a necessary measure and do not understand the danger to which they are exposed. It is real that the economy squeezes, but it is the only way to slow down the level of contagion a little. Let’s put it like this, an infected person goes to a market. You need multiple products and it is a normal action to touch and check various jars, foods, etc.

This person may have the disease asymptomatically. 80% of the cases present this condition. Therefore, you are unknowingly contaminating various products. Behind are more buyers, who unknowingly carry the virus in their hands. Not all fully comply with sanitation measures and some are infected. In turn, these continue to extend the chain and it becomes a snowball.

The real danger of this disease is the level of contagion. The 20% who do have symptoms can collapse the health system. Unfortunately, the issue has been getting out of hand and we are already reaching a million infections. Hospitals are overflowing more and more frequently, so we must contribute with our effort. We must think of the elderly, the most vulnerable. It is a very hard battle that humanity has to face.

Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus. Why is hygiene important?

It is proven that the virus can stay alive for several days, depending on the surface. Therefore, it is quite likely that if we go to public places, we will take the virus. Both in the hands or in the clothes. We have no way of knowing. That is why the sanitation process is vital once we get home. We must immediately wash the parts we use, as well as the products purchased.

Needless to say, where the most emphasis should be placed is in our hands. There are several methods that are effective. Both sodium hypochlorite and antibacterial gel with more than 60% of alcohol are efficient. Now, the most recommended method is the use of soap. This specific virus has a layer of fat that covers it. This helps it adhere to the mucosa.

Soap dissolves that layer, neutralizing the virus. Therefore, a good solution would be to always carry liquid soap with you. This will help sterilize both your hands and surfaces and products. It is the only way you have to ensure that you do not consume anything that contains viruses.

Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus. When should I wear a mask?

This topic is quite controversial. Although it is true that the mask does not protect you 100% from contagion, it is necessary to use it. The saliva microparticles that are expelled when speaking tend to cross the tissues, depending on the density of the same. For this reason, initially only the infected were advised to use them. This is because it slows down the path of said particles.

Now, this is true on the assumption that we all know who is infected. In this way, we isolate them until the period when they can infect others passes. But this is impossible because many people do not have symptoms, therefore they are not known carriers. That is why we all, and without exception, must wear the mask.

We cannot know who has the virus, even if we are infected ourselves. It is the only certainty we have that we will not continue to spread the disease. Of course, of all the measures we can take, the most effective continues to be social isolation. There are many examples to cite positive experiences in this regard. So, if it’s not vitally important to go out, stay home with your family.

Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus. Marival Insurance.

There are many questions that may arise. Most of the time an article is read, some questions are answered, and others appear.

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Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus
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Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus
Take preventive measures to avoid the Coronavirus. It is extremely vital to your safety and that of your family. A pandemic has paralyzed this world.
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