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What are some of the health insurance companies that are available?

Health Insurance Companies. Molina, Ambetter, and Florida Blue (Blue Cross and Blue Shield) are the 3 main health insurance companies that are listed individually, as there are others, but they can only be accessed through workplace insurance.

Can I also get dental and visual insurance?

Obtain Dental and Visual Insurance. Of course. Although these services are not included in health insurance, we provide you with information on alternative plans at very affordable prices. You can quote for Dental and Visual Insurance. Ask our agent for Dental and Visual Insurance.

What is the health insurance coverage, either private or by Obamacare?

Health Insurance Coverage. You choose whether you want insurance that covers you only within the network of doctors established near where you live, or one that covers you throughout the country. (although emergency is guaranteed within the entire United States)

What personal information must I provide to obtain health insurance?

Get health insurance. To obtain health insurance, you must provide the following information.Full name of all persons on the application and dates of birth, social of those who wish to obtain coverage, telephone number, address, email, place of work and income, residence, or work permit number. In the case of being a citizen, the person does not need to give any number. After submitting the application, if you are receiving a subsidy, the Health Insurance Market may ask you for proof of your immigration status and income to verify that the information given is true.

What is the Cost of Obamacare Insurance?

Obamacare Insurance Cost. It depends on the category of insurance you choose bronze, silver, gold, platinum. As metal rises so does coverage and price. However, within Obamacare, silver insurance is the most comprehensive, as it is prioritized by the government, and provides clients with up to 94 percent coverage. From zero dollars a month, you will find insurance that meets your needs. The Cost of Obamacare Insurance varies according to the financial information of each client.

What enrollment center do you recommend for obtaining health insurance?

Marival Insurance a Private Health Insurance Enrollment Center or by ObamacareMarival Insurance is a health insurance enrollment center. The ideal place to obtain health insurance tailored to your needs. We have licensed specialists from all over the country who will provide you with information according to your medical needs. Call us at 786-607-3194.

Why is it important to have an insurance agent?

It is important to have an Insurance Agent. While it is true that you can enroll yourself, having an insurance agent guarantees you completely free advice on the best health insurance options, advice on them, detailed information on what they cover and what they do not. Throughout the year you would have a trustworthy person for any questions or dissatisfaction. Agents cannot charge clients, and this is certified in different states of the country. Marival Insurance guarantees that your application will be processed without error, and you can count on our support for the entire fiscal year, and the next through renewals.


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