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Welcome to the virtual office of Marival Insurance, your free consulting agency for life insurance that pays benefits in life and health insurance with comprehensive coverage. Here you can read news related to Obamacare and private health insurance. As well as news on supplementary plans against accidents, hospitalizations, and illnesses. You can also, read on dental coverage and other related news to life insurance that pays in life, and that allows you to obtain tax-free savings for your retirement.

Our range of services includes people with immigration status in order and also those who have not yet been able to obtain it. You can receive a free quote if you leave us your contact information.

It is a privilege for us to help you find the best protection for your family. That is why we have also devised a chat system that allows you to clarify doubts in real-time with one of our specialists. Our preferred contact is through the phone: (786) 607-3194, since it allows us to establish empathy and reinforce the understanding of your needs.

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    Health Insurances

    In the United States, the health system is private, which is why insurance is required to cover people for them to face expensive hospital debts. Marival Insurance works with the Health Insurance Market, an entity that provides the low-income population with a subsidy to help them pay monthly premiums and make copays affordable to their pocket. All medical insurances obtained through the Market, obviate the pre-existing medical conditions that clients may suffer. There is no discrimination to provide insurance to anyone.

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    Life Insurances

    Historically, life insurance has served as an inheritance to beneficiaries once the insured dies, however, there is no longer a need for you to die to receive the benefit. Let us explain: when facing a serious (heart attack), terminal (cancer) or chronic disease (which makes it impossible for you to perform 2 of your 6 vital functions, such as bathing and walking), even if you do not die, they give you up to 90% of the money in a lifetime.

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    Saving Plans

    A tax-free retirement savings plan is an alternative that life insurance has. It is a fund that from the first moment is competing with the gains of the stock market, not with the losses. It is money that grows with compound interest, which allows you to either pay your life insurance in case you cannot pay for it for a while or retire early and pay for a child’s college, buy a house or go to those dream vacations.

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    Discount Plans

    For those people who do not carry legal immigration documents in the country, there is the option of medical discount plans, which are not health insurance but are an alternative for undocumented immigrants to access medical, dental, and visual services at a lower cost than established.

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    It is the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, which among other things is responsible for ensuring that people in the United States obtain a government subsidy (if their income is low) to access health insurance. Among its advantages is also not discriminating against patients with pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes and pregnancy, to obtain insurance, something that was usual before the enactment of the law

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    Welcome to Marival Insurance

    Welcome to Marival Insurance, your free advisory space on the best health insurance plans and life insurance with life benefits. If you want to take care of your health and that of your loved ones, save for your retirement, protect your family and yourself, just contact us.Our Videos

    What People Say?

    • Orlando Gutierrez

      A few months back, one of my family members was involved in a car accident. He suffered severe injuries that will require for him to go frequently to the doctor. The whole family start looking for options to see how we could get the best medical treatments. After checking with different agencies and not being able to get a fair plan that fit our needs, we met Mariela, she was very understanding and she was able to look for the right plan that fit us, with very low copayments. She is a smart and well prepared agent, she is a well spoken English and Spanish. I Highly recommend Marival Insurance.

    • Amaury Labrada

      I’ve been a customer of Marival for a few months now and couldn’t be happier. I have nothing but good words to say about Mariela and her outstanding staff. Always friendly, professional and willing to help. They really know what they are doing. Highly recommended!!!

    • Angelica Betancourt

      The attention received at Marival Insurance was exceptional. They’re always available to answer questions and help in every way they can in a timely and professional manner. I always recommend this company to my friends and family.

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