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Saving Plans

A tax-free retirement savings plan is an alternative that life insurance has. It is a fund that from the first moment is competing with the gains of the stock market, not with the losses. It is money that grows with compound interest, which allows you to either pay your life insurance in case you cannot pay for it for a while or retire early and pay for a child’s college, buy a house or go to those dream vacations.

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Retirement Plans

Few people in the United States have a decent retirement plan. Every day we see elderly people who are over 65 years old and are still working to support themselves, as the pension they receive is not enough as they wish, after having worked a lifetime. This reality does not have to be yours if you take advantage of a tax-free savings plan associated with a life insurance policy.


When we create a permanent, indexed life policy, we allow the life insurance company to play with our money on the stock exchange and be part of the profits to some extent, never part of the losses. If we put a little more money in our policy, in addition to the cost of insurance, then more money will go to our savings and we have more possibilities that in 20 or 30 years (depending on the age at which we start saving ), we have the necessary funds to finally make that dream vacation trip, or we can pay college for a grandchild, or contribute to the purchase of a house for our children, or simply be solvent in old age.

The best age to start saving on a retirement plan

The younger we are, the more years are available in our favor so that the money we put to play on the stock market generates interest. In this way, we will have more possibilities of retiring earlier and taking charge of our life in old age without being a burden for our loved ones but possessing all the solvency that allows us to enjoy a life without worries.

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